"Lucerne - where the seventies survived" - digital montage on filtered Google Earth (©2018 Google) image. Inspired by seventies style urban planning. 

From the series "Artifacts from an alternative Reality".
Inspired by the unhindered Gestaltungswille of a government that can overlook minority interests whatsoever, LESAMU wondered what would have been possible if such a government existed in Switzerland. A Swiss Three Gorges Dam maybe?
From the series "Artifacts from an alternative Reality".
In the 1950ies and 60ies the Swiss government secretly attempted to acquire nuclear weapons. Since it was at the time and still is a democratic government it might have had to come out of the closet in order to win public support by suggesting profitable civil applications of nuclear devices.
From the series "Artifacts from an alternative Reality".
What if Switzerland's soil offered exploitable Uranium ore? And what if the majority of Swiss citizens opted for its exploitation? And what if the basic law wouldn't guarantee the property rights of affected communities?
(Inspired by the work on a campaign video for the "Brot für alle / Fastenopfer - charity organisation" directed by Corina Schwingruber in 2010)
find it here: youtube.com/watch?v=bhly-pgRopU&index=2&list=PLDkl54GvWgjArf3xUBX64-Lq-CR0JTWvs
Artifacts from an alternative reality II
During research for his BA-thesis LESAMU was confronted with the militaristic past of Switzerland.  LESAMU tried to evoke the atmosphere of those days of inflated military budgets and a federal police secretly piling up records on innocent citizens for fear of a communist infiltration. The series of photomontages "Artifacts from an alternative reality" plays with the fact that its imaginary content might have been entirely possible in those times.

First test series of the Swiss medium range surface to surface missile system called "Bruder Klaus II".
Declassified photograph. ca. 1952
Fallout proof agriculture- declassified concept drawing. ca. 1967
"facility B" (purpose unknown) - declassified concept visual.  ca. 1955
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