Excerpts from the animation (without stereoscopic effect):
The following two clips can only offer a glimpse. In the actual experience, viewers are in full control of the stereoscopic content: with the wheel they can move forward or backward in time - at their own chosen tempo. They can stop at any moment to take a closer look and read the inscriptions - or just rush through 300 millions of years in a few seconds...

Excerpt 1: formation of the Alps and part of the last glacial cycle.

Excerpt 2: anthropocene, historic city growth and a possible future in geological time scale.

Glaciers and city growth with stereoscopic effect
The following clip is a red-cyan single image stereoscopic rendering example. With a pair of red-cyan glasses the 3d effect comes to life. The final Version was rendered in a 4K side by side setting. At the Museum a special viewer separates the images for  left and right eye and allows an experience in true colors.

to experience stereoscopic 3d, use a pair of red-cyan glasses

Screenshots from various chapters (without stereoscopic effect).
Additional Scientific Advisors:
Julien Seguinot, Glaciology
Fabian Küng, Archeology
Beni Stocker, Earth System Science
Data and other Sources:
Digital Elevation Model present time:
AW3D30 provided by JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Reference Maps:
Building Footprint Reference Data:

Land Cover Data present time:
CORINE CLC2018     

Glacier Flow:
Inspired by “Modelling last glacial cycle ice dynamics in the Alps”, video and data-set provided by J.Seguinot

Post Glacial Lake and River Landscape:
B. Keller: Lake Lucerne and Its Spectacular Landscape, 2020

For more information about the project and the story of its creation:
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