Samuel Bucheli

illustration and visualization design

Coloring the Queen of islands
Hotel Vitznauerhof
Rigi - Postcard for Hotel Vitznauerhof
Hotel Vitznauerhof
Fjords of Switzerland - Niederbauen
Poster available
Distilled Process Visualization
Amstutz Manufaktur
Poster available
Alpine Cooking - illustrated Maps of alpine countries
Penguin Randomhouse New York
Pilatus - WebGL panoramic map prototype
Sea of fog experience
from the lab
Birthday Portrait #3
from the atelier
Tour d'horizon - the future of living in Switzerland
1000 Dinge (1000 things)
Polaris A3T - Cold War Souvenir
The secret life of a landscape
Nidwaldner Museum
From fortress to museum - info animation
Nidwaldner Museum
Tour de Suisse 27 page special issue
Schweizer Familie
Willisau from 1100 to 2017
Stadt Willisau
NEAT - underpassing the Alps
Illustrating statistical data
Konform AG
Winter sports panorama painting
Entlebucherhaus UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Spange Nord - a caricature
civic duty
Fjords of Switzerland - Pilatus
Poster available
Last Glacial Maximum
from the Lab
Schilter - Swiss Industrial Heritage
Nidwaldner Museum
Willisau from 1100 to 2018 Animated version
Eugen Meyer Stiftung
Family holidays in Bern
Schweizer Familie
Reconstruction of a typical Swiss Farmhouse
Entlebucherhaus UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
39'000 B.C. landscape reconstruction
Kantonsarchäologie Luzern
Luzern Nord - visualising the future
from the Lab
Unterirdische Schweiz - Subterranean Switzerland
Schweizer Familie
Vienna Motor Symposium 2016
KiloKilo, Zürich
Artifacts from an alternative reality
from the Lab
Rakijada - illustrations & animations
HOOK films (former Pixiu Films)
45 sculptures - 1 sunny afternoon
Skulpturenpark Ennetbürgen
Urban Sketching Warsaw
Sketching enthusiasm
Drawing, Illustration
studying scientific visualisation
Knowledge design studies
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